Who we are

Manifest Everything consists of a team of business professionals, professors, educators, counselors, and clergy members that have trained hundred of educators and served as consultants to many educational agencies, communities leaders, non profit, and for profit organizations.  As a result, many individuals, organizations and business has experienced increased performance and more success in their programs, schools, professions, relationships, businesses, careers, and crafts.

Our Vision is to empower, educate, encourage, equip , and motivate individuals, families, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and communities to develop and implement a vision plan that will give them or their clear direction and a manifested reality of their desired success.

Our Mission is committed to providing high quality education and professional development  to individuals, organizations,  businesses, and upcoming entrepreneurs to enable them to reach their goals. maximize performance, and achieve continue success.

How we started

Believe it or not, this vision started started in Harrington, Maine and Baton Rouge Louisiana, when Co-founders Perry Selvage (Educator, Coach, and Motivational speaker) and Christina Snowden (Professor, Author, Business Executive and Advocate for Educational Equity and Justice) began serving at risk youth, disadvantaged families, failing schools, and dysfunctional family units in 2011.  Furthermore, it was programs that addressed the previously mentioned issues that brought Kristie Gauthreaux (Educator and Author), Rachel Wilson (educator and entrepreneur),  and Dr. Anthony Jones (Professor, Founder, and Counselor) together to the table to serve the communities due to the 2016 Louisiana Historical Flood.  Since then this team have be able to minister, educator, coach, mentor, and develop over 1200 individuals in schools, corporations, and various environments both professionally and personally.

What others say